That’s a very young me interviewing Lee “Scratch” Perry for the radio circa 1997. I was 21. He was in the United States for the first time since the 70s. He signed something for me and his signature read “LOVE X 29”. He also had a video camera with him the whole time, on but not recording and he didn’t aim it at anything. I asked him what the camera was for and he told me “I am from the camera planet. All of you are on my spaceship. This camera is what allows me to be here.” Glad I asked.

This stock photo would have me believe 1) person on the right showed up to watch a football game wearing a helmet (?!) *and* 2) person on the left had a man wearing a helmet to watch a football game at his front door and still welcomed him into his home. 🤨 But the true mindblower was realizing: they may not be watching football at all. 😲

Family Portrait, September 1976. At the Equinox Room in San Francisco, a rotating restaurant that used to be at the top of the Hyatt Regency. Apparently the restaurant had a photographer. It was my Dad’s birthday.

This piece is at @516_arts in Albuquerque for their currency show right now. It’s inspired by a sign I saw in New Mexico. I’ll send you a free print if you can tell me what the inspiration was and where it’s located in the state!

This is what you get when you type the word “Trump” and repeatedly let iOS suggest the following word. I think somehow it captures an internal voice we’ve all heard sometime in the past two years.

Hey my friends: @thec4aa needs your support! You know how I am all over the club helping advocates for democracy, human rights, and public health? You know how I am working with people there so they can lead those fights? This is a way you can help: