This is “the Food Conspiracy Co-op” in Tucson, AZ. The original Food Conspiracy extended from a project by the San Francisco based theater/activist group, The Diggers who got bored working within theaters. They created a plan for a “Free City” and started acting out parts of it – distributing stuff at Free Stores and food on the streets. They realized they could get food straight from farms for cheaper and then distribute it nearly at cost. They jokingly started calling it “the Food Conspiracy” to beat those who’d accuse them@of being communists to the punch. The collective distribution of food idea took off and eventually got too big to run out of people’s garages so they opened what became food co-ops and natural food stores (and arguably, once you remove all the critical economic ideas: Costco) many that still exist across the country. Like this one in Tucson. The Diggers did much more and their influence had ripple effects around the world – but the point is: all this all started as an art project.

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