Ask Me About…

Ask Me About…
Ask Me About

Walking into an empty gallery can be awkward. It’s like being in an elevator with a stranger, but the stranger is the gallery sitter.This piece would be set of modular signs hung behind the gallery sitter at the space. Each sitter will have their own set of signs which will be changed out when they change shifts.

The signs will explain some facts about the sitter under categories:

  • Cities I Have Lived In
  • Jobs I Have Had
  • Places I Have Travelled
  • Schools I Have Attended
  • Medical Procedures

Each sign will have holes at the top. The wall behind the sitter will have hooks that couple with the holes. There will be one constant sign above the replaceable ones that reads, “Ask Me About:” This piece will hopefully break the ice between gallery visitors and gallery sitters, by providing some prompts that will make it tempting to strike up a conversation. For example if it turns out the sitter went to the same college as the visitor, or vacationed in the same town a visitor once lived in a conversation might begin. 

This project could also be done with security guards at a museum.

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